Government Secondary

  • Berwick College

    Established in 1977, Berwick College is a vibrant learning community in the heart of the City of Casey offering a broad and comprehensive curriculum to Year 7-12 students. We offer students many career specific pathways, course counselling and experiences. Our values – ‘Excellence in Learning’, ‘Rich and Varied Pathways’ ‘Personal read more

  • Brighton Secondary College

    Our vision for Brighton Secondary College is one of personal excellence. We encourage all of our students to work hard to achieve their personal best, to be actively involved in the school community, its programs and to enjoy every opportunity that is offered to them. * Students engage in their read more

  • Ashwood High School

    Ashwood High School students feel a shared sense of community, and thrive through: A significant commitment to the creative arts utilising a new Music, Multimedia and Performing Arts Centre A focus on sporting excellence A strong emphasis on academic excellence with the success of the Accelerated Curriculum and Enrichment (ACE) read more

  • Wheelers Hill Secondary College

    We are clearly focussed on maximising our student outcomes. We have high expectations of student endeavour, effort and attendance. We seek the support of all families to provide maximum encouragement for their students. Our staff are firmly committed to the success of our students and their own ongoing professional growth.

  • Westall Secondary College

    To allow students to achieve their best, a relentless focus on student outcomes and the learning environment is paramount. Teachers, parents and the community are a critical component in achieving student success. There is significant research that shows the more involved parents and the local community are with a school read more

  • Wantirna College

    Wantirna College holds the development of the whole child at the centre of its philosophy of education. We see education as preparing our students with the necessary skills to access their future careers, but also to inspire their curiosity, creativity, imagination, compassion, self-knowledge, social skills and emotional health.

  • South Oakleigh College

    At South Oakleigh College we are dedicated to achieving excellence. Our focus is to equip students with the knowledge and key learning skills required to excel in a rapidly changing and complex world. We are proud of our students’ academic, sporting, artistic and technical achievements. We aim to prepare them read more

  • Scoresby Secondary College

    Every child has a gift, a particular skill, a special something that can make a difference – to their own lives, to the lives of those around them and to the future of the world. And every child has the potential and deserves the opportunity to be their brilliant best. read more

  • Sandringham College

    At Sandringham College we value the individual needs of each and every student to help deliver exceptional results both at VCE and VCAL level. We believe that every student, whatever their aspirations, must be given the greatest opportunity to thrive and achieve success.

  • Rowville Secondary College

    Rowville Secondary College is not simply a place of learning but is also a place of growth and experience. Exciting, diverse, and innovative, RSC provides a multitude of pathway options for every student, ensuring that each individual is provided with the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential.