Hume Anglican Grammar – Donnybrook Campus

    Address: 40 Eucalyptus Parade, Donnybrook

    Phone: 03 7019 2900
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      ‘Student wellbeing at the core’ – is the message that echoes throughout Hume. This, our fundamental belief, is that young people who are genuinely happy, will engage, aspire and thrive within our learning community. We provide a nurturing high-quality education, at an accessible cost to most, which cherishes each child so they may truly flourish. By establishing high standards in all that we do, every student is encouraged and supported to discover and fulfil their unique potential.
      Hume is a progressive school, not just in the development of buildings and grounds, but also in innovative thinking and advancements in our approach to teaching and learning. This is led by a group 0f dedicated and expert teachers who practice their craft with skill, and by building the strongest of relationships with our students. It is not by chance that we have young people who readily display warmth, humour and respect for one another and their teachers.
      Hume Anglican Grammar is very excited to have opened its second campus in Donnybrook. Located in the Olivine Estate, this campus is 10km and 10 minutes from Mt Ridley and has commenced with Prep to Year 3, with further year levels being offered in subsequent years. Enrolment interest is high so families are urged to contact the school to express their interest in either campus.

      Mt Ridley Campus
      100 Mt Ridley Road
      Mickleham, VIC 3064
      T +61 3 8339 6900

      Donnybrook Campus
      40 Eucalyptus Parade
      Donnybrook, VIC 3064
      T +61 3 7019 2900

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