St. Christopher’s Catholic Primary School

    Address: Doon Avenue
    Glen Waverley

    Phone: 9803 0011
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      ST CHRISTOPHER’S is a Catholic school that offers a welcoming and nurturing environment. Our school provides a contemporary, inclusive and balanced curriculum and it is dedicated to the development of the whole child where all programs are underpinned by Gospel values. St Christopher’s will offer your child the opportunity to learn in a community that values:
      • High Teacher to Student Ratio – Class Sizes 20
      • Outstanding Results
      • Individual Attention
      • Enrichment and Extension Programs
      • 1:1 Electronic Devices – Laptops/Ipads/Chromebooks
      • Specialist classes in:
      o ICT, Italian & Asian Literacies
      o Classroom & Instrumental Music
      o Art, Sport, Library & Chess
      • Strong Pastoral Care including a weekly Social & Emotional Program
      “We spoke to many schools before selecting St Christopher’s for our son who had advanced academic needs. Our ability to be a genuine partner in his education with the school has been a key element in his success”
      Dr D G.
      We aim to develop each child’s self-esteem and to make our school community a happy, rewarding and enjoyable
      place to be.
      A caring community pursuing excellence.

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