Aitken College


Year 7 is a major intake point at Aitken College and the beginning of an exciting learning journey in the secondary school. The most recent curriculum development has been in Technology; classes move through a year-long program covering Design, Digital and Food Technologies.
Design Technology introduces the design process and the principles used in product design. After researching and developing a brief, students use Adobe Illustrator software tools to create their design, send it to a laser cutter to produce the finished product and finally evaluate it and self-assess.
Digital Technology is truly 21st century learning and introduces students to computational thinking, coding and robotics; these skills are then applied to real-world problems. Using their iPads, students learn basic coding; they then expand and apply their skills towards complex game creation. Robotics introduces the students to design and coding in order to solve problems involving driverless cars; these skills are then applied more widely. “Our students are well-equipped to deal responsibly with the challenges provided by technology and to use it to their advantage” says Head
of Digital Technology Jayne Boon. “They are excited by coding and understand the benefits of being able to create rather than consume.”
Food Technology at Aitken College has provided an exciting and tasty addition to the curriculum menu and has enabled students to bring produce from the College’s vegetable gardens and farm to the table. The Food Technology centre features fifteen modern kitchen stations, each with a wide screen television to display demonstrations from the central teacher’s bench. Year 7 students learn basic kitchen and cooking skills and apply these to the design and production of creative and nutritious breakfast options.
College Principal Josie Crisara says “We believe that food technology is an important life skill – understanding where food comes from and how to use it to prepare meals that are nutritious and enjoyable to eat”.
Aitken students can continue the study of Design, Digital and Food Technologies into Years 9 and 10 and beyond to VCE subjects. CAD (Computer Aided Design), 3D printing, advanced programming languages and VCE Food & Technology are all available at higher levels.