The National Wool Museum

Multi award-winning classroom destination

The National Wool Museum is Geelong’s multi award-winning classroom destination – with recently upgraded galleries that tell the stories of the Geelong Region, Wadawurrung Country and the Australian wool industry.
Focusing on a wide range of subject areas, including history, geography, sustainability, economics, textiles, fashion, design and technology. The Museum offers high quality educator-led tours and workshops as well as fun-filled school holiday programs.

Expressions of Interest are now open for schools to register for facilitated National Wool Museum programs. Visit our website for more information

Stitch in Time
Focus Area: Australian History | Prep – 6 | History + Geography
Follow the threads of time through the museum’s unique collection items to reveal how daily life has changed. Discover the stories of human invention and resourcefulness connected to these historical sources. Students will build stitching and fabric printing skills and create a textile tapestry resembling the museum’s unique collection of wagga rugs.

Weaving the Land
Focus Area: Environment + Land Management | years 3 – 8 | History + Geography
Explore farming and industrial practices over time. Students will use weaving looms to create a woven piece that represents land regeneration practices with repurposed fabrics, fleece and yarn.

Woollen Wonder
Focus Area: Fibres, Textiles, Manufacturing and Design | years 3 – 8 | History + Design and Technologies
How does wool get from a sheep’s back to the clothing rack? Go on a sensory journey and follow the processes that turn wool from fleece to fabric. Students will experiment with and explore the properties of wool and get ‘hands- on’ creating woolly pieces with knitting tools and yarn.

Industrial Innovations
Focus Area: Technology + Industrial Revolutions | years 7 – 10 | History + Design and Technologies
Explore the revolutionary innovation-the punch card programming system- through a ‘hands-on’ coding activity. Students will decode a unique program designed for the National Wool Museum’s 1910 Axminster Loom and create a collective design.