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Geelong College students learn to respect and value leadership and teamwork through a comprehensive leadership program at all levels of the school. This learning is reinforced in classes and co-curricular activities, and helps young people to become confident and capable leaders.
At the Senior School (Years 9 – 12), a group of School Prefects, in addition to College Co-Captains are selected each year. This leadership group is supported by House Prefects, from the eight houses, and boarding, sports and music captains, bringing the student leadership team to more than 50 students.
The leadership team works together to achieve larger goals, with the program helping to develop leadership skills, and each role having specific responsibilities. “In my leadership role I am responsible for leading by example, being positive and approachable and representing the student body of the College. More practically, I help run weekly assemblies, organise whole school fundraisers, coordinate with our prefect group and liaise between the teaching leadership group and the student body. I also aim to continue to develop our inclusive culture and represent and promote The Geelong College at every opportunity.” Geelong College Co-captain Izzy Greer said.
Boarding leaders have big responsibilities, they help make the houses great places to live, talk to new boarders about fitting in and homesickness, and liaise with staff about issues or ideas.
“The underrated tasks include the monitoring and constant supporting of the girls ensuring that socially the house is functioning well and there aren’t any critical homesickness cases happening. I have to be a constant figure within the house, so that everyone is comfortable with me and know that I am there for them. I lead by example by being punctual and respectful, help with role marking during breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings, and organisational matters such as the producing house garments and boarding house events. Even though public speaking is a challenge for me I speak at events, and enjoy sharing my experiences with the general boarding community, as well as the general Geelong College community.” Girls’ boarding Captain Rose Cashman explained.
Principal, Dr Peter Miller says developing leadership skills is essential in preparing students for a productive future.
“We think it is important that all students explore leadership and teamwork both through formal leadership roles across the year levels, but also more informally such as championing an issue or taking the lead at a camp. Young people are directed, at school and at home most of the time, so leadership and teamwork opportunities help them become confident that they can make decisions, work with people and make real change.”
The students too know they are developing skills that will prepare them for life after the College.
“I have learned to be considerate and to understand of all aspects of the Geelong College, which will help me in a work place I’m sure. I have also developed time-management skills, juggling my leadership duties, my education and my sporting commitments,” Jack Henderson, one of the Boy’s boarding house leaders said.
College Co-Captain, Tom Page believes student leadership is important in the life of the school.
“Student leadership empowers students with an opportunity to strive, to not only be their best, but to bring out the best in those around them. It offers a chance for students to give back to the community around them, and to contribute to moving the College into the future.”
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