Toorak College


Toorak College, in Mount Eliza, provides the best educational start for your child. We inspire all of our students to dream big and aim high; we have quality teachers that develop our students’ passions wherever they may lie. We welcome girls and boys from 3-year-old pre-school to Year 4, with an all-girls’ approach from Years 5 to 12.
In the early years, we value exploration, curiosity and social development. Our Early Learning Centre exceeds the national standard, with an emphasis on a child’s holistic development as influenced by Reggio Emilia practices and the PYP-IB curriculum and a focus on the development of core skills. We encourage each student’s sense of wonder and inquiry, placing importance on his or her emotional and social development.
Wardle House, our Junior School, is so much more than a primary school. Acclaimed for its International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP), Wardle House develops creative, competent and independent thinkers. Small class sizes, personalised learning programs and extensive co-curricular offerings allow our students to find their own pathway to be brilliant.
Principal Mrs Kristy Kendall says, “We instil in our students a sense of confidence, and give them the belief that they can try anything; our students know that making mistakes is how they grow and improve. We develop creative thinkers and encourage our students to be self-reflective and self-motivated.”
Our all-girl approach from Years 5 to 12 provides every girl with opportunities for leadership, participation and voice. We provide innovative learning opportunities that encourage self-reflection, risk taking and confidence building. Girls’ schools are ideally positioned to educate, inspire and nurture the young women of today who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Girls excel in a girls’ school.
Throughout the Senior Years, our students develop analytical, innovative, entrepreneurial and creative skills required for life-long learning. We foster each individual’s self-belief, passion, pride and integrity.
“At Toorak we expect our graduates to be aspirational and push themselves – with the right encouragement and confidence in their own abilities, our students will leave the school believing that they can do anything. We encourage all students to find their passions, identify their strengths and to make the most of their Toorak College experience”, says Mrs Kendall.
Some of our benefits include:
A dedicated approach to ensuring that every child reaches their potential, socially, emotionally and academically
A commitment to developing proud, strong and confident young people
Quality teachers, placing your child at the centre of all we do
Personalised learning with small class sizes
140+ years of academic excellence
Outstanding facilities.
Toorak College graduates stand out. They are spirited, well-rounded and resilient young women. As adults, they continue to strive for their personal best and pursue their ambitions with confidence.
2019 Scholarships – Years 4 to 9
Applications open: Monday 10 July, 2017
Applications close: Friday 20 October, 2017
Testing: Saturday 28 October, 2017
Discover Toorak at our open mornings:
Wednesday 2 August, 2017
Wednesday 18 October, 2017
Tours at 9:00am and 10:00am.
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