Bentleigh Secondary College

Bentleigh Secondary College places great emphasis on students working to achieve their very best, and on students challenging themselves. We all dream of things we want to accomplish during our lives. The difference between those whose dreams come true and those whose do not can be summed up in one word, ‘effort’. Effort is the demonstration of hard work and achievement. We believe that the college motto “Being the best you can be” is something everyone in our school community must aspire to by raising the expectations.
As a learning community, we set high expectations for staff and students alike and provide an inclusive learning environment which facilitates the best possible outcome for all students. Our curriculum is innovative and academically challenging. Our co-curricular programs offer outstanding opportunities in the performing arts, instrumental music, leadership, sustainable practices and sport. Positive relationships are the cornerstone of our inclusive college culture. These relationships are supported by our code of conduct which is based on the following principles: the right to learn, the right to be treated with respect and the right to be safe.
Bentleigh Secondary College has a strong commitment to promoting leaderships skills in students based on co-operation, tolerance, self-discipline and concern for others through active participation in the House Sport Program, music, sustainability and performing arts. Involvement in these activities enables students to develop relationships with students across a variety of year levels and encourages a sense of community. Students are also encouraged to be actively involved in decision making. College Captains, Students’ Representative Council (SRC) and House Captains are important participants in this process.
The greatest strength of our school, is the relationship between staff and students, and the sense of belonging that our community fosters. This was exemplified by a past School Captain,
“I believe that our motto is one that preaches incredible values and ideals. Being the best you
can be does not ask the impossible from any student, it is a motto that each student at Bentleigh can easily live up to, and it is an ideal that each of us can carry forward into the next stage of our lives”.
At Bentleigh Secondary College, we invite students on an educational journey where they can develop their potential in a supportive environment, challenge themselves to be the best they can be whilst fostering resilience and social awareness.
Helene E. Hiotis