The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School

Unique in its status as a state-wide provider for girls (Years 9 to 12), The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School seeks to remain at the forefront of education for girls in Australia. An established State Secondary School, it offers outstanding facilities for the delivery of its programs and is attended by students from a wide area of metropolitan Melbourne and beyond. The selective nature of entry results in a broad socio-economic and cultural mix, and a strong commitment to academic excellence. The school provides an educational experience which equips girls for tertiary study and leadership roles in the academic, professional and business communities, and develops interests and skills to enhance their personal lives.
The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High school values the traditions that have contributed to its success in the past while embracing the opportunities offered by the future. Students’ talents, efforts and achievements are rewarded in an environment which fosters mutual respect, personal integrity and strong sense of self-worth. True to its motto, “Potens Sui” (mastery of self), the school adheres to a code of conduct based on self-discipline and responsibility to oneself and others.
The School is committed to meeting the learning needs of the students by providing a fulfilling and challenging education commensurate with their abilities. Provision for gifted and talented students in academic areas as well as in art, drama, music, sport and leadership, is an essential part of the school curriculum. An extensive range of VCE study areas is offered in the Senior School and subject acceleration is available for students of high ability. Student learning at all levels is enriched through a variety of programs including; other school, universities, digital delivery, student forums, lectures, tutorials, scholars-in-residence and the many enhancement activities available within the co-curricular program.