Nossal High School

Our School Vision
Nossal High School is committed to providing an innovative, inclusive and dynamic educational environment. We aim to challenge our students to be creative and critical thinkers with good communication skills and the resilience necessary to succeed in an ever-changing world. We aim to build their skills, self-confidence, leadership abilities and community spirit through a rigorous, but rich and varied curricular and co-curricular program. We want our graduates to be ambitious, ethical and responsible citizens who conduct themselves with humility and compassion.
Our School Values
Nossal is a school that…
leads and develops leadership
creates and cultivates creativity
is respectful and fosters respectful citizenship
inspires and seeks inspiration
is ethical and develops ethical behaviours
pursues excellence and celebrates individual and team achievement
develops resilience and independence and nurtures happiness
encourages a strong work ethic with an emphasis on personal growth
We encourage and support all members of our school community to challenge themselves through intellectual, social, physical and leadership pursuits. Our school motto, “Embrace the Challenge” signifies the importance we place on the notion that continued personal challenge results in personal growth.
Applications for Year 9 entry for the 2019 school year are now open and close on 4 May 2018.
Selective Entry High Schools Application page:
School tour dates for 2018: (Bookings are essential – 8762 4600)
We have school tours on the following dates at 9.30am:
Wednesday, March 28
Wednesday, April 18
Tuesday, May 1
Thursday, May 3
Further dates will be posted on our Enrolment Information webpage at as they become available.
Nossal High School Information Night for 2019 Enrolment May 3, 7.00pm.
Student run tours will run from 5:30pm, please contact 8762 4600 to secure a place on one of these tours. Bookings for the information sessions are now available at .
Student Endorsements
What can make a school more than a school? We believe Nossal is unique, with an environment which encourages learning by providing the freedom we will have when we enter university. We are challenged instead of coddled, lifted to new heights instead of relearning the same things. Nossal provides supportive teachers and mentors who guide students to achieve their full potential and achieve success. Our adult learning environment serves as the bridge connecting us to the innumerable possibilities of the future.
Sarina, Eamon, Hunter and Nayeer
(Year 9 – 2017)
Stepping into Nossal High School, we feel as if we have entered a different atmosphere. One of learning and communication. After only a few weeks, we are already amazed at how accepting this close-knit family is. Nossal is a place for students who want to embrace the challenge. Here, we are given the opportunity to develop as strong leaders and to succeed. And by the end of our Nossal journey, we will break out of our cocoons and fly into the world, just like the butterflies proudly worn on our chests.
Amy, Narin, Ruth, Neha, Yong En and Arthi (Year 9 – 2017)