Alia College


I spent 15 minutes getting comments from some students available around the school at the time.

You might not believe most of this, but perhaps it will pique your interest sufficiently to come and ask students yourself. You can drop in anytime.

“One of the best things I like about Alia is that it is small. Instead of schools with only one teacher for 30 students, you can get a huge amount of attention.”

A high-achieving VCE student

“It’s a judgement-free environment.”

A Year 9 student, bullied in a previous school.

“[Alia College] provides opportunities for students to be themselves. There is a sense of mutual respect between students and teachers; people care. Teachers are very flexible according to the way students want to learn. [It’s an] open school, communication-wise; people can openly communicate about issues. Students can plan activities. It’s free spirited.”

A group of Year 9, 10, and 11 students

“It’s small, and person focused. I just like being here. You get to have a lot of responsibility for yourself.”

Two Year 12 students

“Bob is a special feature; he has a unique outlook on schools in general, which means he’s able to keep the school running, and I enjoy coming here.”

A Year 7 student

“Teachers are human. I learnt more in one term here than in a year at my last school, because there’s more pressure there. Here, it’s more individualised. Teachers are more open to talk with students, and don’t just tell you to do your work.”

A group of Year 7 and 8 students

“It’s independent; you have a lot of freedom. It’s very diverse. [Here] you can voice your own opinion.”

A Year 12 student

“No one yells at you; it’s a lot more relaxed. Teachers really help you and there are no hierarchical expectations. [It’s a] chance to choose your own values.” – A group of VCE students

“VCE is very different from how it is at other schools. Teachers treat like an adult; like you want to be treated. You’re still given lots of work, but it’s not as intense.”

A Year 12 student

That might be a bit hard to believe, so just visit anytime and talk to any of the students you meet.

– Bob Morgan

Principal and Founder

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