Paul Edmund Strzelecki Polish School


In February 2018, on the Victorian educational map, a new Polish community school has appeared -Paul Edmund Strzelecki Melbourne Polish School, the member of Ethnic Schools Association of Victoria. The school is located in Endeavour Hills, the area which brings together many Poles.

Every Saturday morning, almost 100 students, in different age groups: from 3 to 15 years old, learn about Polish history, geography, religion and culture, developing Polish speaking, reading, writing and understanding skills in the same time.

All students have access to Polish student’s books, dedicated to each age group, supported by the high quality educational programs for schools teaching the language overseas. A learning approach in a Paul Edmund Strzelecki School is personalised, responding to the learning needs, interests and capabilities of each student.

According to the student’s interests, the school cooperate with the biggest ethnic radio in Australia, where Paul Edmund Strzelecki School has got its own broadcast. All you have to do to, if you want to listen to the student’s stories about Polish customs, traditions and multicultural experience, is to turn on 3ZZZ Radio in the every third Saturday evening in a month on 92.3 FM.

The school launch was initiated, organised and executed by two highly engaged Polish personalities: Anna Polgar and Jolanta Styczen, supported by people from the Polish community. But nothing would be possible without the principal Mr Paul Gleeson from St Paul Apostle South Catholic School in Endeavour Hills, whose help was absolutely critical to make it happen.

St Paul Apostle South Catholic School in Endeavour Hills hosts Polish students, where they have access to the spacious colourful classrooms, supported by modern, digital equipment. Teachers can run their classes in the computer labs using interactive boards and make their lessons more interesting and also effective to students.

The great attraction for students is the sport complex, sport grounds and playgrounds which is used by the students during recess and school sport events.

“Thanks to the Principal Mr Paul Gleeson’s help and support, we have a wonderful place where we can teach the language and culture in our non for profit Polish Saturday School, and provide a safe and engaging learning environment to our children” said Anna Polgar and Jolanta Styczen, the principles. Polish teachers also point out that the staff from St Paul Apostle South Catholic School in Endeavour Hills is always kind and friendly.

The relationship between both schools is a great example of successful efforts to achieve common target: drive educational excellence and children development in diverse environment with respect of ethnic backgrounds. This is also a role model of school-community partnering, strongly encouraged and supported by the Department of Education.

Paul Edmund Strzelecki Melbourne Polish School in Endeavour Hills invites all local families of the Polish community to participate in the school activities i.e. classes, Kids Club, excursions, School Holiday Programs or language and culture competitions. Everyone is also welcome to have a school tour every Saturday from 9:30 to 13:00.

Ewa Szlachta

Contact details: Paul Edmund Strzelecki Melbourne Polish School

St Paul Apostle South Primary School,

9 William Hovell Drive,

Endeavour Hills VIC 3802;

Anna Polgar (0466 664 749) Jolanta Styczen (0451 457 777).