Nepean School


NEPEAN School is an innovative educational setting, offering individualised learning pathways for students with physical disabilities and complex health needs.

We have strived to create and embed a culture of kindness at Nepean. We have 3 very simple school rules that help us all to focus on sustaining and nurturing a caring school environment. Our 3 school rules are –

Kindness to Ourselves

Kindness to One Another

Kindness to Our Environment

Our transdisciplinary teaming model sees therapists working in classrooms alongside teachers delivering quality learning programs. Each class receives 3 one hour sessions of Physiotherapy, 3 one hour sessions of Occupational Therapy, 3 one hour sessions of Speech Therapy and 1 hour of Music Therapy per week. This sees 10 sessions of therapeutic input and support in every classroom, every week.

We provide comprehensive programs for students at all stages of learning, for early learners through to VCAL and VET programs. Individual Learning Plans draw on the Victorian Curriculum and include English, Mathematics, Personal and Social Learning, Digital Technologies, Visual Arts, Music, Dance & Drama, Health and Physical Education (including Aquatics in our onsite hydrotherapy pool), The Arts, Play and Leisure, Science, Geography, History, Civics and Citizenship, Life & Community Skills. Programs are designed, implemented and evaluated by the transdisciplinary team in collaboration with families and carers.

Our philosophy of learning and teaching at Nepean school is based on the following

Relationships matter – trusting relationships and a positive climate where everyone feels respected, included and valued is the starting point for successful learning.

Connecting the learning – it is essential we make connections with what our children and young people already know. They will be more receptive to new knowledge if a lesson begins with an activity that helps them ‘switch on’ to concepts they are already familiar with.

Learning Intentions and Success Criteria – sharing learning intentions and success criteria is a key component of every lesson. Learning I intentions are what the students are learning, these are often shared as a WALT statement – We Are Learning To ….

Success criteria lets students know what they have to do to achieve their learning goals. These are often shared through a WILF statement – What I’m Looking For ….

Together learning intentions and success criteria encourage greater independence and a sense of responsibility for learning.

Active Learning – ensuring that every learning opportunity is active, collaborative and cognitive. Encouraging students to make choices, take on responsibility, work in teams, share their ideas, take turns, contribute, ask questions, offer solutions, reflect on and celebrate their learning. Students are supported to demonstrate what they have learnt in a variety of ways, All learners are given the opportunity to work on ‘real life’ situations that impact not only on their learning in the classroom, but also relate to the real world.

Nepean School is a bustling and innovative place of learning. We strive to create an environment that promotes active learning whilst

maximising every students potential. Classrooms are carefully set up to ensure students individual needs are catered for.

Classes have the opportunity to access a range of spaces within the school for their programs, whether its practising mindfulness in the tepee, learning about sustainability in the veggie gardens, making their lunch in the Life Skills room, working on gross motor skills on the bike riding tracks, participating in stretching programs in the Discovery Room or doing some research in the school Library – our school is full of places and spaces to immerse students in their learning.

We have active Parent Group who meet regularly to share information, support one another and learn together. The group have a varied program including informal coffee mornings, guest speakers and social outings.

Members of our Parent Group are also a great support for new families and happy to welcome them into the Nepean community.

We value the support and involvement of families. Whether it’s helping out in the classroom, volunteering for a particular program, assisting with fundraising projects, participating in a working bee, coming along to school events or becoming a member of School Council, families are always welcome to be part of the learning community at Nepean.

We welcome visitors at any time! Please call our principal Carolyn Gurrier-Jones on 9786 9111 to organise a tour.