The Gift of Dyslexia


People with dyslexia are able to see, hear, feel and sense what they imagine as real.

The dyslexic thinking style enables the individual to view ideas and concepts in different ways, capturing the whole picture rather than working through a process in sequential steps.

When they are confused or intrigued by an object or situation they will mentally move around and explore it from different viewpoints or angles.

This ability to perceive thought as reality is what Ron Davis calls ’disorientation’ as well as “a perceptual talent“.

As a gift this thinking style enables individuals to develop talents in areas such as:

* Spatial Awareness

* Problem Solving

* Drama / Role Playing

* Inventing

* Manual Skills

* Building

* Strategic Planning

* Lateral Thinking

* Mechanical Arts

* Music / Dancing

* Art / Design

* Storytelling

* Architecture

* Athletics

At the heart of Dyslexia is a creative talent

“I am delighted to be able to facilitate these courses with people of all ages and backgrounds, nothing pleases me more than hearing back from happy adults, teenagers, children and parents who have completed course work with me, they always inspire me to do more.“ Jayne

Common Characteristics of Dyslexia

* Is bright / articulate but is unable to read, write or spell at age level

* Has a high IQ but doesn’t test well

* Feels dumb has low self esteem

* Seems to zone out / day dreams

* May omit, reverse or substitute words

* Complains of headaches / dizziness when reading

* Has low reading comprehension

* Has difficulty putting thoughts into words

* Left / right confusion

* Has difficulty with telling time and managing time

* Strong sense of Justice, emotionally sensitive