Camberwell High School


Camberwell High School is proud of its long history of excellence in education.

Camberwell High School’s purpose is to prepare all students to be active and engaged participants in society. The school promotes learning that is transformative, focused on growth, dynamic, respectful and built on positive relationships. The school community challenges all to exceed expectations for achievement in all areas of endeavour.

All students are encouraged to take an active part in their learning development. We understand that all students have different ways of learning, different strengths and interests and the options available in the curriculum and in co-curricular programs provide students with the opportunities to make choices, manage their own learning and pursue their passions as they prepare for their futures as 21st century citizens.

We encourage all students and staff to exemplify the values of the school: Achievement, Creativity, Respect and Responsibility. The school has a strong House system and promotes student leadership and student voice through formal roles and frequent focus group meetings and forums.

With our exciting new Enterprise Centre, and several planned future developments, Camberwell High School is at the forefront of educational provision, seamlessly blending history and traditions with contemporary learning.

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