Boronia K-12 College


Boronia K-12 College is committed to developing students into responsible members of the local, national and global community. Throughout all stages of schooling we aim to develop learners that strive to be:

Skilled communicators

Constructors of knowledge

Real world problem-solvers

Ethical users of technology

To achieve this, we offer quality teaching and learning programs delivered by skilled and innovative professionals. Our contemporary buildings and grounds are second to none, providing a stimulating learning environment where students are able to maximize their potential.

Transitioning into Boronia K-12 College, students experience a challenging, differentiated curriculum designed to allow them to demonstrate their abilities and progress their learning.

Ensuring Year 7 students are happy and confident is a priority, supporting them with a dedicated team of experienced teachers in our Year 7/8 building. Within this space, majority of Year 7 classes are held, with students developing a sense of ownership and pride over their environment, and a sense of belonging and community.

Our Years 7-9 programs build foundations for success. We emphasise core literacy and numeracy skills across the curriculum, with students accessing Spanish as their language study. Students have expanding opportunities to refine pathways by selecting an increasing number of electives in Year 9 and beyond.

Substantial research has been conducted into engaging Year 9 students, preparing them for the demands of their final years of school. In response, alongside our school data, we have shaped a Year 9 program to develop the academic, creative, physical and emotional aspects of our students through engaging, inquiry based learning experiences, fostering independence and reigniting a passion for learning. Students have the opportunity to participate in Leadership Development programs, City Experience, the Duke of Edinburgh Award and community based projects.

Transitioning into Years 10-12, opportunities to refine pathways open, and students are provided a range of subjects from all areas of the VCE/VET and VCAL curriculums. Year 10 students are encouraged to undertake VCE/VET units in preparation for the rigors of a full VCE/VET program.