Rowville Secondary College


Community – we’re all in this together”

I love the saying – It takes a village to raise a child – and I wonder if we have forgotten this sometimes in our fast, modern world. As Principal of Rowville Secondary College, I spend a lot of time listening to what parents and community members want for their children. There is a strong and clear message that in this rapidly changing world, families want three things for their children as they grow into adults. They want them to be happy, healthy and equipped with the skills to thrive in the world of work.

My hope is that together we can be the village for every child in our community, where we as adults are the custodians and protectors and educators for the next generation of adults. To do this best we ask ourselves lots of questions.

How do we create an ethos where everyone strives to be “nothing but their best”?

How do we get to know each child deeply as an individual, supporting their hopes, dreams, strengths and challenges?

How do we all connect so that everyone feels a sense of belonging, security and well-being?

How do we talk to young men and young women about forming great relationships, relationships based on respect and integrity and the dignity of every person?

How do we support young people to be aspirational and excited about their future?

At Rowville Secondary College we focus on the whole child, assisting them to build social and emotional well-being to become more confident learners who are able to meet the challenges of their future.

All students enrol in one of four programs – Rowville General Excellence, Rowville Maths & Science Academy, Rowville Institute of the Arts or Rowville Sports Academy. These programs immerse students in curriculum tailored specifically to their strengths, talents and passions. In addition, the college provides a variety of senior pathways including VCE, VCAL, VET and SBAT.

Over the past 22 years our top ATAR scores have ranged from 95.00 to 99.90 with our Dux in 2018, from the Rowville Sports Academy, achieving an ATAR of 95.25.

It is an exciting time to be a part of the Rowville Secondary College community and we’d love your family to become a part of our thriving village.

Julie Kennedy

College Principal