Westall Secondary College


AT WESTALL Secondary College our philosophy is based on meeting the needs and wants of our students and we endeavour to find the perfect balance between the explicit teaching of key kills and giving the students the opportunity to follow their passions. This sounds like an obvious concept, but what does it mean at Westall?

Personalised Learning

We meet the needs of students by ensuring the learning is at the appropriate level for every student in every subject. Students are engaged in literacy and numeracy in a challenging manner to ensure that they are in their ‘wobble zone’.


Our school values around ‘CARE’ are visible in everything we do and we want every student to be the best version of themselves. We have a calm, supportive environment at Westall and this calmness provides an amazing setting to complete your secondary education.


We know that we only have the students for a short time so everything we do is focussed on preparing them for future success. The programs we offer are personalised and give students the opportunity to learn skills that can be transferred into all walks of life.


Literacy is the number one focus of our College. We believe that ALL students should reach their optimum level of literacy by Year 10 so that they will are well prepared for their desired pathway, be it VCE, VCAL or the workforce. Our explicit, targeted teaching of key literacy skills across all subjects enable our students to grasp concepts and ideas more successfully.

Numeracy and STEM

Numeracy is our other major building block for learning. We have trained STEM staff, a partnership with Deakin University and a new STEM program available at all year levels.

Aim High

The Aim High program is an opportunity for students working at/or above the expected level, in one or more subjects, to be extended and challenged. Students are selected into this program based on NAPLAN, Grade 6 Reports and evidence of a high level of effort. Aim High is an extension and advancement program for all students, in every classroom.


We are proud to offer iCreate, a unique, elective based program where the classes are made of students from a range of age groups. This provides a great opportunity for students to integrate more fully into the Westall Learning Community.

VCE and VCAL Results

We have won a number of state-wide VCAL awards in recent years and in 2017, our VCE Dux scored 98.