Dandenong Valley SDS

Dandenong Valley SDS guiding principles:
We uphold the conviction that every child has the ability and the right to learn. It is with that conviction that Dandenong Valley strives to increase each student’s level of personal independence in all possible areas from communication to daily living skills, to movement and recreation.
Dandenong Valley explores every avenue to fulfil the individual student’s potential for supported employment and desire to pursue vocational and work options.
The partnership desired between home and school is achieved not only by daily communication, but also by regular parent/teacher interviews and Student Support Group meetings where individual programs are developed for each student.
Our excellent educational programs aim to develop the talents and capacities of children and young people with disabilities to their maximum potential and in such a way that they are competent socially and culturally and contribute positively where possible to the economic needs of their community.
The promotion of all children and young people’s optimum level of learning will develop their confidence, self esteem, optimism and respect for self and others.
The promotion within each student of a sense of happiness, well-being, self-worth and a belief in their own capacity will enhance their participation in and contribution to their society.
There is a need for the school to be caring, supportive and to act as an information reference point for families, care-givers and the community.