Federation of Catholic Regional Colleges

In 1977 our local Parish Priests and Parishes had a vision of establishing excellent, affordable, Catholic schools in the north western suburbs. The Federation of Catholic Regional Colleges are located in St Albans, Melton, Sydenham, North Keilor and Caroline Springs. Each College within the Federation is partially autonomous with its own administrative structures. As a complex, the Federation is governed by the Catholic Regional College Board and its 3800 students identified in the community by a single uniform and
College crest.
As a Catholic community we recognise the presence of God who challenges us to embrace gospel values. This means out Catholic faith forms the basis of our vision, core values, educational philosophy, policies and practices.
Each College offers an extensive range of subjects, vocational training and extra curricula
activities as well as a comprehensive religious education and pastoral care programs.
Our goal is to work in partnership with parents to develop young men and women who are loving, open to growth, committed to their faith and to social justice. Our graduates demonstrate these through practise in their daily lives and by contributing fully to our community.