Mossgiel Park Primary School

At Mossgiel Park Primary our purpose is to develop excellence within the whole child (knowledge, skills, mindset and self-worth) by providing a stimulating and relevant curriculum.
We inspire curiosity and creativity amongst our students by customising how and what we teach.
At Mossgiel Park Primary School, children of all ages learn skills that will benefit and prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges where they will “strive to success”
Visit us to explore our cheerful classrooms, Digital Technology room, library, ICT Lab, music rooms, canteen and mini lab. Outside, the children enjoy three playgrounds with customised equipment. We are also very proud of our multi-purpose centre ($3m) providing a full size gymnasium, music centre, kitchen and meeting rooms which we proudly share with groups from our community. These, along with our existing facilities, reflect the high quality of education offered within the walls of our school.
Our focus is to develop knowledge and skills in students through authentic and relevant experiences, where the learning areas and capabilities of the Victorian Curriculum
are integrated.
These experiences include a focus on STEM education, plus a variety of specialised curriculum offerings such as Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education and Indonesian language skills.
We embrace a blend of explicit instruction and the 5E learning approach to provide exceptional education that supports the development of the whole child.
Our teaching and learning program is engaging and promotes a love of learning and a sense of curiosity, all within a caring and supportive environment. Technology is an integral component of every child’s development.
“Learning we do and fun we have!
Students, staff and families share a real sense of community and our motto ‘Strive to Succeed’ clearly defines our intentions in all we do!” says Principal Lynn Ordish
Families new to the area or to our school are welcome to book a tour of the school by calling or emailing the office on 9709 7777. It would be my pleasure to show you around our stimulating learning environment.