Lyndale Secondary College

Lyndale Secondary College offers great advantages in the breadth of curriculum offerings. There is provision for specialist learning areas and facilities, extensive staff professional development and a wide range of co-curricular programs which contribute so much to the fullest development of the student’s academic, cultural, artistic, social and sporting achievements, while still maintaining a sense of belonging essential in all great schools.
We urge parents to take advantage of the many opportunities which are offered during the year to join in the life of the college by attending Year 7 Insight Information sessions over a series of Saturday mornings, parent teacher interview nights, parent information evenings, working bees, supporting our arts festival, sporting activities and joining the College Council.
The college exists for our students. With their wholehearted cooperation and participation, they will fully benefit from and enjoy their time at Lyndale Secondary College. We aim to have each student move towards a successfu land meaningful future, irrespective of where| or what that might be.
Headstart is an exciting academic program that aims to support fully students’ transition from one academic year to the next. This program provides educational advantage to all our students by strengthening their academic skills through the commencement of next year’s coursework in the last three weeks of the school year. The program commences in November and involves the participation of all students from Year 7 to 11. Headstart benefits Senior School students as they will be better prepared for the rigours of VCE requirements, which will enable them to undertake senior studies with confidence and success.
Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program
The Select Accelerated Learning Program initiative is part of the Lyndale Secondary College differentiated education priority which caters for all students. The acceleration process is designed to cater for the needs of the highly academically talented student. The Accelerated Learning Program aims to provide students with the opportunity to develop investigative, problem solving, analytical and creative thinking skills which will challenge and engage students in a very active style of learning.
Lyndale Secondary College is one of a small number of Department of Education schools in the state which is accredited to provide Select Entry programs for talented and gifted students and is a member of “The Academy of Accredited SEAL schools (TAASS)”.
Building Program
This is an exciting time at Lyndale Secondary College as we are in the middle of a building program that will develop the facilities to support our students in their learning. We have completed building our Performing Arts centre, STEM building, Library building and Administration building. We are currently completing our new Arts and Materials Technology building.
We welcome your interest in our college,
we warmly invite you to contact us.