A holistic approach to education

In partnership with families, Catholic primary schools provide learning experiences that develop the minds, hearts and spirits of students. With academic pursuits front of mind, a Catholic education will help your child imagine a better world, where they can live harmoniously and where diversity is valued and respected. 

This is achieved by embedding the Catholic world view across the whole curriculum, as a viable way of responding to challenges and opportunities. 

According to the Catholic Bishop of Sale, Most Reverend Bishop Patrick O’Regan, an essential part of a young person’s education is faith formation and wellbeing.    

“Our key objective is to walk alongside our students, listening to their challenges and aspirations, sharing their joy and pain, and helping to create a stillness and an openness in their hearts to the presence and action of God in their lives,” he said. 

How is this achieved?
Catholic education aims to equip students with the skills they need to be critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and active members of their communities. Using expert teaching practice and a personalised approach to learning, our schools provide learning opportunities that meet the individual needs of students so they can achieve their full potential. 

Director of Catholic Education in the Diocese of Sale, Ms Maria Kirkwood, said the combination of creative and engaging learning opportunities aligned with the Victorian Curriculum, along with the religious education curriculum, encourages students to reflect on themselves, the world and the environment, while developing an openness to seeing God in all things.  

“Our schools make present the Kingdom of God to our communities, providing students with the opportunity to grow in the love of God and develop a respectful knowledge of their world in an atmosphere of peace, joy, hope, justice and love,” Ms Kirkwood said. 

The rich Catholic tradition is the driving force for every interaction and activity within Catholic schools, including social justice initiatives that encourage students to realise they have the ability to effect positive changes in the world.