Salesian College Chadstone

    Address: 10 Bosco St

    Phone: 9807 2644
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      Salesian College is a quality Melbourne Catholic school for boys founded on the philosophies of Saint John Bosco, founder of the Salesian order. Since 1957 Salesian College has served the needs of the young men and boys in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Our boys cover a broad spectrum of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

      Salesian College provides a Salesian ideal of education which encompasses the growth of the whole person: Socially skilled, Academically sound and well-rounded sporting, artistic and technical capabilities.

      At Salesian College we are aware that we live in exciting and rapidly changing times; these times mean that education is more important than ever. Our aim is to provide an education that prepares young men; to be life-long learners,  to be adaptable and to be resilient to the many changes they will face in their future.

      Our current students enjoy the Salesian tradition with the added features of receiving their education in modern facilities, supported by dedicated teachers utilizing contemporary methodologies whilst being able to access suitable resources including state of the art technologies required in a contemporary learning environment. The spacious grounds, the commitment to provide a safe environment and engaging classrooms are all ingredients to successful outcomes.