Nazareth Primary School, Grovedale

    Address: Griffith Street

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      Nazareth Catholic School is a vibrant Foundation to Year Six community situated in Grovedale within the Nazareth Catholic Parish. As a primary educational facility we are focused on enabling all students to experience success, guided by our school motto, Let all you do be done in love.

      At Nazareth, our curriculum is underpinned by highly developed relationships between teachers, students and parents and caregivers. We have a high appreciation of student voice and agency and help students grow to understand themselves as learners and where they are headed in their learning, supported by teachers in setting goals. Our learning community fosters the conditions for students to have a voice in the design process, working actively in partnership with teachers who draw upon the Victorian Curriculum and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. We also celebrate the many successes we achieve together and foster a love for learning with others in a collaborative learning environment.

      As a Catholic community of welcome, we connect faith, family and education. We are united through the example of Christ and recognise the importance of embracing a culture of contemporary faith where we strengthen our relationship with God through our actions.

      Students at Nazareth Catholic School engage with multiple curriculum areas including Religious Education, Mathematics, English, the Humanities, Science and Wellbeing on a daily basis. Other areas of learning, including Physical Education, Art, Music, Library and STEM are also a crucial part of learning for students at Nazareth.

      As a community, we embed the language of Italian across the school day. Teachers and students ensure that opportunities to use and explore the Italian language are embraced, from a simple greeting to the use of Italian to investigate Mathematical concepts.

      At Nazareth Catholic School, we value ourselves, our relationships with others and the world around us.

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