Dromana College

    Address: Dromana Secondary College

    Phone: 5987 2807
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      Dromana College encourages and celebrates personal improvement. We recognise and respond to diverse student needs. We set high expectations for all students and have a strong focus on academic achievement and the pursuit of personal excellence. We encourage and support creativity, innovation and initiative for young people by helping them to reach their aspirations in different fields of life. We provide high quality teaching and a safe and caring school environment.

      Our purpose is to provide effective learning for all students.

      To provide a caring, inclusive and sustainable community in which students develop skills and personal qualities necessary to participate positively and confidently in a changing, global community while striving to achieve their personal best. We practice our school values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity and Personal Best.

      Our Values
      – Respect
      – Responsibility
      – Integrity
      – Personal Best
      At Dromana College we believe that strong values provide a framework for all members of the school community to conduct themselves. The college recognises its responsibility to ensure that as an educational community the college functions on the basis of respect and consideration for all members. We believe that the modelling of these consistent and positive values gives purpose and direction to our lives and enhances the teaching and learning environment.

      The college seeks to develop in students a sense of responsibility and self discipline which emphasises respect for others. Conduct not consistent with respect for others and their right to learn may be the subject of processes and consequences relevant to the seriousness of the alleged behaviour.

      Our Motto
      ‘Empowering young people to make a difference’

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