Beaconsfield Primary School

    Address: Corner Lyle Avenue and Princes Highway

    Phone: 03 9707 1510
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      Beaconsfield Primary School, located in the south-eastern suburbs, is a school that prides itself in the sense of community fostered between the children, staff, and parents, and places a strong importance upon that community as a vehicle of education and nurturing for their young students. This safe and welcoming environment then inspires those young minds not only to excel and grow as students, but also to take an active interest and engage with each other and with the curriculum. This school has recently improved their grounds, $4.5m went towards a wide range of upgrades that have created a swathe of ‘fresh and exciting’ changes to the school buildings. Yet, with a century of history, a culture of community and partnership, and a carefully crafted “Learning Investigation” model curriculum, Beaconsfield Primary School feels that it has much more to offer than just up to date facilities.