James Cook Primary School

    Address: 29 – 59 James Cook Drive
    Endeavour Hills

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      Located at the gateway to Endeavour Hills, James Cook Primary is a school with strong values, providing positive learning opportunities and a well-rounded education. Confidence, a sense of belonging, along with a growth mindset are developed through our engaging and challenging curriculum.

      We enjoy all the benefits associated with our cultural diversity and cater to the needs of all students. James Cook Primary School is the school of first choice for many parents and carers. We enjoy a highly regarded reputation for welcoming our community into our school.

      James Cook Primary School challenges students to be actively involved in their learning and strive to be the best they can be. Parents work in partnership with our staff to ensure the best outcomes for all learners. Parents’ support and involvement are essential
      to the success of our students. We encourage parents and carers to become involved in their child’s learning.

      Students at James Cook are happy, caring and enthusiastic about their learning. Our school boasts a range of learning spaces and facilities that enable the delivery of a variety
      of enhanced learning programs; Four open and flexible learning modules, a multipurpose hall, a Library-Specialists’ Centre, ‘Cook’s Kitchen’ classroom kitchen and a recently renovated visual Arts Centre. The James Cook Primary School community is committed to environmental sustainability. Student-led community activities are a highlight on our school calendar each year, with our student-led school assemblies held each week.

      We are proud of our community partnerships at James Cook Primary, including those with
      Breakfast Club, Kids Hope Mentoring, Sporting Schools Activities, TheirCare Before-and-After School services.
      Come in and see for yourself. We are now taking enrolments for 2022. Please contact our reception to reserve your place now – 9700 2601.

      Anne Burgess,

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