Rivercrest Christian College

    Address: 500 Soldiers Rd
    Clyde North

    Phone: 9703 9777
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      Rivercrest students are encouraged to see themselves as global citizens. In addition to acquiring knowledge, they are encouraged to recognise the contribution and responsibility they have to engender greater harmony among the people of the world; to be respectful, compassionate, creative and critical thinkers, who, although prepared to challenge prevailing ideas, are also sensitive and reflective.

      Rivercrest students are encouraged to communicate effectively and work collaboratively with others. Throughout their years at Rivercrest they will be challenged to become citizens of the world who epitomise Christ’s commission to love and serve others.

      The curriculum offered at Rivercrest is grounded in 21st century thinking where all facets of education are connected and interlinked. Rivercrest embraces an inquiry approach to learning within the context of a Christian worldview.

      Rivercrest commenced operation in 2014, offering classes from 3 year old in the Early Learning Centre to Year One. We currently offer classes to Year Four, with new year levels opening each year. Our Primary Campus will cater for students from the ELC to Year 5. In 2019 our Middle Years Campus will open, offering classes at Year Six and Year Seven in its first year of operation.

      I would invite you to consider our College as one which will serve the needs of your child, both now and for the future.