Carers Victoria

    Address: PO Box 13305 Law Courts

    Phone: 1800 514 845
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      Carers Victoria is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and advocating for carers throughout Victoria. Established in 1992, Carers Victoria has been a lifeline for thousands of individuals who selflessly provide care and support to their family members or friends with disabilities, chronic illnesses, mental health issues, or age-related conditions.

      The organisation plays a crucial role in improving the lives of carers by providing them with a range of services and resources. One of their key functions is to offer information and advice to carers, ensuring they have access to the necessary knowledge and guidance to navigate their caregiving responsibilities. Carers Victoria understands the unique challenges faced by carers and offers support tailored to their individual needs.

      In addition to providing information, Carers Victoria offers a variety of practical services to carers. These include counselling and support groups, which allow carers to connect with others in similar situations, share experiences, and find emotional support. They also organise workshops and training sessions to enhance carers’ skills and empower them to provide better care.

      Carers Victoria is a strong advocate for carers’ rights and actively lobbies the government and other stakeholders to improve the recognition and support available to carers. The organisation works tirelessly to raise awareness about the essential role that carers play in society and promotes policies that enhance carers’ well-being and financial security.

      Carers Victoria is a vital organisation that supports and empowers carers in Victoria. Through their comprehensive range of services, advocacy efforts, and commitment to improving carers’ quality of life, they make a significant impact on the well-being of carers and the people they care for. Carers Victoria’s dedication to this worthy cause ensures that carers receive the support they deserve and helps build a more compassionate and inclusive society.

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