Whitefriars Catholic College

    Address: 156 Park Rd

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      At Whitefriars we offer a secondary education which is built on the foundation of the Carmelite tradition, of being aware of the Presence of God in everyday things, or walking in the Presence of God. We have a commitment to continuous improvement in learning, personal development, facilities and resources. We have a leading edge personal computer program, providing powerful tools for teaching and learning.
      In addition to our core curriculum we offer a vast array of camps and programs such as the Year 7 Transition camp, Outdoor Learning Program, Kairos Retreat, Leadership camps, Sporting camps, LOTE and associated international travel programs. Co-curricular activities, include the Instrumental Music Program, Ensemble Program, drama and musical productions, debating, chess and environmental action. All activities reflect our desire to nurture and promote the health and physical/mental development of all students.
      We provide a diverse academic, sporting, cultural, environmental, and spiritual curriculum which is supported by caring and nurturing values and traditions in a safe environment. Our specialised staff inspire students to strive towards high personal achievement, developing confidence and direction for the future.

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