Horsham Special School

    Address: 17 High Street North

    Phone: 03 5381 1475
    • Profile

      Respect and Responsibility, Doing Your Personal Best,
      Supporting One Another, and Staying Safe and Healthy.
      Curriculum focuses on:
      Functional Academics • Home & Community Living Skills
      Personal & Social Development • Communication • Therapist Programming
      • Horsham Special Schools overarching purpose is to encourage and enable all students, staff and the school community to achieve their full potential.
      • We have a wide enrolment base, drawing from the Horsham area to as far as the South Australian border including Nhill, Dimboola, Kaniva, Goroke, Edenhope and Serviceton.
      • Horsham Special School provides educational programs for students aged 5-18 years displaying mild; moderate and severe diagnoses associated with cognitive, physical, social, emotional, behavioural, sensory and multiple disabilities.

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