Greensborough College is committed to the development of its students into well educated, responsible young adults.
At Greensborough College we provide both girls and boys with substantial educational opportunities.
Extensive resources allow us to provide the academic focus of a secondary school together with opportunities for students to select from a broad range of curriculum options.
Our programs at Greensborough encourage the highest standard of academic achievement in every activity undertaken by our students.
A stimulating blend of academic, cultural and sporting activities equips our young people with the essential skills and breadth of outlook they will need to become successful citizens in a rapidly changing global community.
Our program offerings include our High Achievers acceleration and enrichment program commencing in Year 7.
The friendly and supportive atmosphere is underpinned by a strong code of conduct, a compulsory uniform policy, firm structure and clear expectations. We foster and develop exemplary values of trust, tolerance and respect for self and others.
We challenge and encourage each student to discover and build upon their strengths so they may enjoy a positive education and maximise their beyond school educational and career opportunities.
Our Year 9 and 10 complete elective program focuses on helping our students develop into creative and complex thinkers well prepared to take on the more self-directed learning of VCE years.
Academic rigour and a strong work ethic are central to life in Senior School, with a cooperative team culture supporting each student’s quest for success.
The mature atmosphere of our Senior School encourages students to achieve their best and our results are outstanding.
We offer both VCE and VCAL programs, ensuring our students are able to follow their chosen path.
A Greensborough College success comes in many forms – university entry, vocational studies at TAFE, apprenticeships, employment and personal growth. We are proud of our students at Greensborough College.