Celebrating life and faith and hope


Some say education is a labour of love. In Catholic schools it is more. It’s a mission; a mission to change the world for the better through our young.
Catholic schools are places where life and faith and hope are celebrated, and Catholic Education Melbourne Executive Director Stephen Elder says there has recently been great cause for celebration as young people connect with the authenticity and compassion of Pope Francis.
“Students need to feel a sense of belonging, purpose and connectedness, in their lives to flourish,” Mr Elder says, “particularly in the face of the many challenges of our diverse, complex and ever changing modern world.
“Our Catholic way of understanding people and the world provides students with a sense of hope and purpose in their lives. It adds to their resilience and a capacity to make a difference.
“At the very heart of our educational vision is a sense that the world is good and graced. This sense of grace changes everything about the way we relate to each other and our contribution to the wider community.”
Catholic education in Victoria has rallied to this call, drawing more than 150 years of public service.
“We have a very rich past and our future is just as strong,” Mr Elder says. “We welcome all families who seek a Catholic education for their child and we believe that what we are offering will set our students up for lifelong success and fulfilment.”
Principal of Mater Christi College, Belgrave, Mary Fitz-Gerald, has seen the results first-hand.
“We can and do make a difference in the world,” she says. “To walk alongside young people, to witness their joy, determination and hopefulness, it is forever inspiring and amazing.”
Anthony Banks, the Principal of Padua College, Mornington, agrees.
“We have the opportunity to help shape lives,” he says. “Our young people have so much to offer this world and give me hope that our future is on wonderful hands.”