Siena College is a Catholic school in the Dominican tradition, offering young women an education which will inspire and challenge them to make intelligent and responsible use of their personal gifts and develop a lifelong love of learning.

Our students have a daily, lived experience of women who are leaders at all levels, from a broad based Student Representative Council, to the women from past decades on whose shoulders we stand. Our patron, St Catherine of Siena, broke the bonds of what was expected of a woman in the 14th Century by speaking Truth. She challenged those in power and committed herself to a life of prayer and service of others.

Our Dominican tradition places particular emphasis on diversity and the unique gifts of every person. We are energised and inspired by each other and find joy in our work, our learning and our community.
Siena College offers a richly stimulating and contemporary education that makes student learning exciting for young women. We encourage our students to engage in critical reflection on the world, develop a love of learning, an appreciation of culture and beauty and a spirit of freedom and responsibility. Emphasis is placed on personal excellence in all endeavours and we aim to nurture our student’s individual gifts and talents and to build their self-esteem and sense of connectedness.
Student learning extends beyond the walls of the College through a broad range of curricular and cocurricular programs designed to further develop knowledge and skills or uncover hidden talents.
Programs are offered in Drama, Music, Visual Arts, Leadership, Social Justice, Debating, Public Peaking, Learning and Enhancement / Extension and Sport. As a member of Girls’ Sport Victoria (GSV), students have the opportunity to participate socially or compete at the elite level. Cultural and Language Immersions are offered to China, France and Italy. Immersion opportunities are also offered to South Africa and an Indigenous immersion to the Central Australian desert.

Please join us for one of our Open Mornings from 9.30am – 11.00am on Friday 17 March, Friday 13 May or Friday 19 May. Our 2017 Open Day will be held on Saturday, 21 October from 1.30 -4.30pm. Register online or by calling the College on (03) 9835 0200.