Lilydale High School


Lilydale High School places great emphasis on students having a sense of belonging and the opportunity to make positive connections with their peers and teachers – affirmative relationships enable students to grow into resilient young men and women who will thrive in the community. This is clearly stated in our vision statement and underpins everything we do:
‘LHS is dedicated to providing an environment that values academic excellence and maximises opportunities and pathways to enable all students to become resilient and contributing members of the community
‘Excellence in learning, resilience in life, thriving in community’
The values that underpin the guiding principles and beliefs at Lilydale High School include both learning and community values:

Values for Learning:
Responsibility – we demonstrate responsibility by:
· Being accountable for our learning and our actions and contributing to a safe and caring learning environment

Discipline – we demonstrate discipline by:
· Working independently, collaborating with others, following through with our learning and allowing others to do the same

Reflection – we demonstrate the ability to reflect by:
· Being able to articulate what we’ve learned, how we’ve learnt it and how we can improve our future learning

Values for Community:
Gratitude – we demonstrate gratitude by:

· Consciously being thankful and showing appreciation

Initiative – we demonstrate initiative by:

· Being resourceful and ensuring we look for, and take opportunities that come our way

Empathy – we demonstrate empathy by:

· Caring about the well-being of others by being kind, considerate and courteous

Integrity – we demonstrate integrity by:
· Being trustworthy, fair, just and honest in our everyday actions

Our passionate staff set high expectations and challenge all students to achieve to the best of their abilities within a firm but supportive learning environment. Our teaching and learning program is continuously being evaluated and refined to ensure academic rigor and remains up to date.
In 2018 Intermediate VCAL will be introduced at Lilydale High School providing students with a hands-on and practical work-related experience pathway in Years 11 and 12. Our new Steamworks ’maker space’ provides students with an opportunity to experience innovative technology including coding and robotics. This then links with the new Technical School situated across the road at the Box Hill Institute- Lilydale Lakeside site.
As a large school we are able to provide opportunities for a vast range of curriculum choices and extra-curricular initiatives including performing arts, instrumental music, student leadership and sport. Sports offered beyond traditional school sport programs include: Equestrian, Clay Shooting, Motor Cross and Aerobics. In addition to this, we offer a diverse range of staff and student led clubs including: the Reptile House, LHS Book Lovers, Coding, Student Techies’, Art, Clay, Chess.
In 2019 Lilydale High School will celebrate 100 years of educating young people and providing them with a diverse range of experiences. The school’s history is currently being compiled into a book by a local historian and the occasion will be marked with the opening of a Hall of Fame, celebratory dinner and numerous student-led activities.
With our centenary fast approaching and all that is currently being implemented, it is an exciting time to be part of the Lilydale High School community.
Wendy Powson – Principal