Parkdale Secondary College


Parkdale Secondary College supports students to become inquiry learners who strive to achieve success in all areas of their education.
Our six enhancement programs are offered to all students and are developed on the overarching philosophy of building student engagement and making community links. They are designed to inspire, excite and challenge students to pursue areas of passion.
Arts Enhancement Programs
AEP – Music
AEP Music is designed for students with a passion and a desire to explore various forms of music performance in year 7 and 8. It is a year-long program where students will be among like-minded students of similar levels exploring different avenues within the genre of Music. These avenues are created exclusively for AEP Music with the purpose of challenging students with an eagerness to enhance their musical abilities further.
AEP – Dance
AEP Dance is designed to engage performing arts students through enrichment classes, nurturing and improving their skills and abilities. Students will undertake a program featuring: · Technique classes with industry professionals · Artistic Residencies with a variety of choreographers · Master classes in nutrition and performance skills and allied dance industries · Dance intensive camp · Excursions to performances · Competitions.
Elite Sports Pathway (ESP)
Parkdale Secondary College provides outstanding opportunities for all students. The College was recognised by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) as a sport specialist school in 2012. Sport is one of many areas where student talent can shine. Through the development of the Elite Sport Pathway Program (ESP), students can follow their passion, while undertaking a well-rounded and rigorous academic program. The Elite Sport Pathway is built around student participation in four key elements: 1. Conditioning – the undertaking of activities based around fitness, flexibility and strength. 2. Skill Development – specific skills developed around the chosen sport 3. Competition – students participating in school based, regional, state and interstate competitions 4. Community links – the Ambassador Model: students work in the community as College representatives.
Science, Technology, Engineering Pathway
Parkdale Secondary College’s award winning STEP is a program is open to students who have a keen interest in Science and Technology. What makes STEP unique is the links it has to various facilities and experts in relevant fields from across Victoria, such as Quantum and the CSIRO. The program offers a variety of different units that run at specific year levels, such as F1 in Schools, Robotics, 3D modelling, Food Science, Anatomy by dissection and Forensics.
Writing is necessary (WIN)
WIN is an exciting enhancement writing program for students with a commitment and passion for writing. Students have the opportunity to develop their own expression, voice, confidence and thinking in writing. The program aims to help students explore and adapt their writing for a range of audiences and publications. WIN brings students and professional writers together to explore and develop different forms of writing and work for publication.