St John’s Clifton Hill


St John’s School, located in the inner northern suburb of Clifton Hill and founded in 1886, is firmly focused on being a family and community centred school. We have a strong commitment to student wellbeing and addressing individual learning needs. Our dedicated, caring staff seek to establish positive partnerships with parents and the wider community.
As a Catholic primary school, St John’s celebrates the diversity of our small community, with families identifying Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa as places of origin. Fundamental to the Catholic tradition is respect for the sacredness of others; knowing the stories of our families helps us to appreciate the sacredness of each person we encounter.
We believe that a small school is a smart choice for many children with many benefits on offer. Our children know each other across year levels and our staff are familiar with the names and stories of each child.
Our staff believe it is important for our children to know what they are learning and why, where they are at in their learning journey and what is next. As a learning community we strive to approach learning with a growth mindset that encourages perseverance and a continuing development in understanding, skills, attitudes and knowledge.
We look forward to welcoming anyone interested in knowing more about what we have to offer.