Mater Christi College


Mater Christi College is an open-entry Catholic Secondary School for girls located in beautiful Belgrave. Our student-centred culture encourages and celebrates the ‘can do’ energy of girls; delivering excellence in all-girls education.
At Mater Christi College, each girl learns to become her best self; a global thinker who is competent, confident, happy and ready to live life to the full.
From their first day at Mater Christi, students witness girls as leaders; as captain of the sports team, STEM high achiever, drummer in a rock band or as lead role in the school production.
Each year, students from over fifty Primary Schools with diverse talents and interests commence their secondary education at Mater Christi College, ready for amazing learning opportunities that include:
exciting excursion and incursion experiences
extensive sports and outdoor education programs
performing and visual arts enrichment, and
leadership and outreach initiatives.
Mater Christi College students are motivated learners who graduate with region leading academic and vocational results and the confidence to pursue their dreams.
The College is easily accessible by dedicated buses and public transport links to most Eastern and South Eastern suburbs and only 5 minutes’ walk from Belgrave Station.
Mater Christi College invites families to consider entry at Year 9 level to prepare their daughters for senior studies.
How can we best prepare students for their future? The disruptive impact of new technologies brings this question into sharper focus for parents and educators everywhere.
Future workforce needs are difficult to anticipate. Last July, ‘Four Corners’ investigated the future of work in Australia. It highlighted the prediction that ‘more than five million Australian jobs will simply disappear in the next 15 years as a result of technology.’
Mater Christi College has always been committed to innovative educational practice. We firmly believe it is imperative to prepare students for their futures.
Twenty-first century skills underpin our curriculum at all levels already through a focus on transferable learning skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, self-management, problem solving and critical thinking. Yet we saw that we needed to go further to foster creative, independent learners and so emerged the DISCOVER program for Year 9.
Our Year 9 DISCOVER Program actively engages students, building confidence, problem solving and resilience. Through an intensive focus on five DISCOVER Experiences: Challenge, Expression, Adventure, Identity and Communication, students grow as future-ready learners, better prepared for the challenges of senior studies and beyond.
For two days each week, Year 9 DISCOVER students embrace Project Based Learning through activities as diverse as creating podcasts, rock-climbing, building and programming robots, workshops with experts and history tours with local indigenous elders. On the other three days, students continue regular classes in core studies.
DISCOVER has been a highly successful innovation mainly due to the thorough preparation by teachers and our student-centred culture which encourages and celebrates the ‘can do’ energy of girls.
School Tours
A visit to Mater Christi College will enable your family to witness this vibrant, inclusive and warm community where girls feel safe, build lifelong friendships and become intelligent and reflective learners.
Visit for more tour information, or call Kylie Lee, Registrar on 9754 6611.