Aitken College


Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions you as a parent can make for your child. If parents value school education, and are involved from the early years of school, then it is more likely that this will rub off onto your children.
Being a part of your child’s education has a significant influence on their learning.
Parents look for schools where their children can develop knowledge and skills, where academic endeavour is encouraged and acknowledged, where creativity is nurtured and values such as respect, honesty and kindness are seen as important.
Development of the child as a whole person where an understanding of right and wrong and a sense of community and service are valued should be high on the agenda.
Parents want to see their children happy and confident, making the most of the opportunities provided at school.
A measure of success for schools is young people achieving the goals that they set and being able to follow a pathway that interests and motivates them.
Mrs Josie Crisara, Principal.