Bollywood comes to Glendal!

There is always something exciting going on at Glendal Primary School to enrich our students’ learning experiences. Our Performing Arts and Music programs were promoted during Education Week in May this year and were the focus of an outside broadcast by Casey Radio, 97.7FM recently. It was a wonderful opportunity for many of our students to speak, and others to play their musical instrument, live on air to the wider community.
Glendal Primary is well known for academic achievement, it’s strong focus on student wellbeing and a range of innovative programs such as Robotics. We also engage students in a very comprehensive Performing Arts – Music program. Our Year 2 students present an annual stage production for the school community and our school band and choir perform at assemblies. Students have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument after school and many of our students are talented musicians.
The benefits of sustained learning in music are well known and documented in a range of research studies. Students engaged in making music show improved learning in other curriculum areas such as mathematics, science, the arts and language and improved development of creativity and fine motor skills. In addition, students learn that there are rewards from hard work, practice and discipline.
“If a child studies music constantly over a period of time, they do better in school in all sorts of ways, including academically and socially.” Dr Richard Letts, the executive director of the Music Council of Australia.
Music is an important part of our curriculum with students learning to read, write and compose music. Our well-resourced Music program enables students to experience and play many different percussion instruments. Our Year 3 classes all learn the marimba and Year 4 students learn the ukulele.
This year we have introduced Bollywood dancing to complement our Music and Performing Arts programs and this has proven to be extremely popular and successful. Our lunchtime Bollywood Dancing Club provides many learning opportunities and is great fun. As our Bollywood teacher explains: “It is a great way to boost student commitment to learning, dance technique and cultural exploration.” In addition to helping our students to gain confidence and fitness, they engage with the artistic, social and historical understandings of Indian culture.
Bollywood dancing also assists children to realise the importance of teamwork. Through learning these skills in dance, students are able to transfer and apply these qualities in other aspects of their learning to enhance their experience. They love dressing in Bollywood costumes and jewellery while dancing to an eclectic mix of traditional and modern Bollywood music. At the end of the day the students, their parents and the school feel a great sense of enjoyment and pride in engaging with this extra-curricular art form that enriches the children’s primary school experience.
Our Bollywood dancers have performed for our community during Education Week and were profiled at an outside radio broadcast for Casey Radio and at our annual Twilight Picnic in March. They have recently accepted an invitation to perform at the Victorian Principals Conference in August. What a fantastic opportunity!
Deborah Grossek