Making a difference


Why Cornish College?
All children are natural inquirers and powerful learners. We nurture their sense of inquiry and aim to inspire a quest for learning throughout life. We believe passionately in helping each student to reach their potential, and we do this by providing personalised learning from a team of skilled and creative educators.
Our curriculum
Our curriculum is powerful with a focus on academic achievement and generating rich understandings and creativity. Through ‘inquiry’ learning we combine subject-specific knowledge with valuable skills that enable students to learn beyond the classroom.
We offer programs from ELC to Year 12 and understand the importance of flexible teaching to cater for individual learning styles. With a Reggio Emilia influenced ELC, the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and an interdisciplinary, concept-driven middle school curriculum, we provide engaging education with a strong focus on inquiry-based learning.
Our Year 12 VCE program goes ‘beyond boundaries’. The College is committed to offering students a wide range of VCE subjects according to the individual pathways that are identified through its careers program.
Underpinning everything is our vision to educate for a sustainable future. We embed sustainability through our Rings of Sustainability, which focus on natural, personal, socio-cultural, urban and technological sustainability. Everything we do supports one of our rings, helping students to understand their learning in a local, regional and global context and how they can make a difference to a sustainable world.
Beyond the classroom
Our 100 acres of natural parkland provides a landscape that supports a range of innovative teaching and learning opportunities.
Our grounds support a rich sports and cocurricular program too. We are the first school in Australia to have our own 9-hole golf course on site, with a golf professional providing innovative programs for students as young as ELC3. Students can follow their passions at Cornish and take part in a range of programs including Climbing, Swimming, Sailing, Equestrian, Dance and Drama to name a few.
Be part of something bigger
Overarching everything we do is our motto ‘Make A Difference’. Students throughout the College learn compassion and empathy, and they are challenged to make choices that will have a positive impact on the world. By developing the whole child, we create problem solvers and leaders who can truly make a difference within their community and globally.
Opportunities to make a difference happen throughout the year but have a focus during Make A Difference Week (or MAD Week). We work as one big community, across year groups, to deliver tangible change for the College and for others.
We live our motto internationally too during a 12 day Make A Difference Experience in Thailand. This empowering program offers Year 9 students a great opportunity for personal growth and the learning continues at home as students reflect on their experience through the Global Sustainability Program when they return.
With our passionate and skilled teachers, well-rounded and
able students and a wider community that truly supports and cares for each other, Cornish College can be the difference for your child.