Charles La Trobe College



At Charles La Trobe College we implement an explicit, systematic phonics program. Sessions occur on a daily basis and allow students to develop their understanding of sound and letter combinations. The program supports students to gain the confidence and skills required to read and spell.

Oral Language

Oral language skills are a vital foundation to successful learning across all curriculum areas. At Charles La Trobe College we have a speech pathologist on staff to work in classrooms and in small groups to support and promote the development of oral language skills with our students.

Reading Support

At Charles La Trobe College we implement an evidence based reading remediation program. The program is available for students who have been identified as requiring further explicit instruction in the areas of decoding and comprehension. This effective model is implemented across both the Primary and Secondary schools.


Our STEM program is structured to engage students with real world concepts in Maths sessions. STEM learning experiences involve explicit learning and teaching of skills, which are applied in project, problem or inquiry-based learning situations that are authentic and contextual. Students are provided with toolbox sessions to develop the skills required to complete the rich learning tasks, and are assessed every two weeks.

Quantum Victoria

Students at our College have access to Quantum Victoria (QV), a Centre of Excellence and Innovation in STEM Education. As part of developing curiosity within our students, classes visit QV to inspire creativity and 21st Century learning through innovative programs in Science, Maths and Engineering.

Student Voice

In the Primary School students are provided with opportunities for meaningful student participation and leadership, including student voice and decision making. Our Primary School captains and House Leaders assist with assemblies and community events and are supported by the Class Leaders.

Student Wellbeing

Charles La Trobe College has a long standing commitment to providing a safe and orderly school environment. We understand the importance of meeting the wellbeing needs of our students and through the implementation of the Berry St Education Model, we provide young people with strategies so that they can achieve their personal and social potential through educational achievement.