Dandenong Primary School


Dandenong Primary School has a rich and proud history of excellence in teaching and learning that extends from before 1881 through to today.

We are home to 360 children from Foundation to Year 6. We offer specialist classes in physical education and sport, ICT, art, library, choir and French. We have a highly specialised English as an Additional Language (EAL) class and we provide further literacy support across the school. In addition to our highly experienced learning and teaching staff we have a team of highly dedicated wellbeing staff available to support the health and wellbeing of our children and families.

Our highly dedicated school staff are almost as diverse as our student population. Our staff speak a range of languages including Dari, Hindi, Spanish, French, Serbian, Albanian, Greek, Mandarin and English.

We have a strong sense ‘student voice’ with our very own student produced ‘TV News’ channel and a range of student led initiatives across the school and community. We make use of online and social media to provide a window into the life and learning at Dandenong Primary School. We invite you to share and celebrate the learning with us on Facebook, Instagram and our podcast content on Soundcloud.

For parents and carers, we have a welcoming ‘Community Hub’ space which brings local information and services around education, health and community in to a friendly and familiar place.

For a tour of the school and to learn more about our award winning programs and high impact teaching and learning approaches, contact the school. I look forward to meeting with you.

Daniel Riley