The bell has rung and it’s back to school

As young people start to return to school in the coming days, National Youth Mental Health Foundation,
headspace, reminds young people and their families that this time can be emotionally turbulent.
Young people can feel a range of emotions when they’re heading back to school, which include feelings
of excitement, anticipation and nerves.
Some students can adjust to the changes and settle into things quickly. However, some young people
may find this a daunting and challenging time.
Vikki Ryall, Executive Director of Clinical Practice at headspace, said that the anticipation of trying to
make new friends, pressure to get the best marks and dealing with difficulties like bullying are some
reasons young people may feel uncertain at this time.
“Parents can tell when something is out of the ordinary, so it’s good if you can check in regularly with
your young person to see how they’re feeling and to endorse the positives of going back to school,” she
“Helping your young person to set up a routine is also a great way to ensure they are going into the new
school year with a balance between study, social life, self-care and family time.”
The new school year can be a trying time for everyone but it’s important to remember parents and
young people can reach out to their local GP, local headspace centre or visit eheadspace for support.