Scoresby Secondary College


Come and see our great school for yourself

Our college has been transformed over the past two years with a new culture, curriculum and many new staff.

We focus on excellence and enabling every child to reach their best. We believe that every child has a gift, a particular skill, a special something that can make a difference – to their own lives, to the lives of those around them and to the future of our world.

Our college is growing, but class sizes are small and there is a very personal approach to each child’s learning.

It is an exciting time of growth and change for our school and there are many more exciting initiatives planned.

Our Student and Staff Achievements over the past two years

Nationally recognised for the highest gains in literacy Student selection for the National Science Olympiad University of Melbourne Kwong Lee Dow Scholarships Highest VCE growth in Victoria 2018 with top study scores in Physics, Specialist Mathematics, Health, Legal Studies, Mathematics Methods and VET Music 100% of students completing VCE or VCAL

100% of students applying for tertiary studies offered round one offers Establishment of authentic business and industry partnerships for music, STEM and with Rotary Club of Knox and Thermo Fisher Scientific

Victorian Student Representative Council Teach the Teacher Program

Victorian Biodiversity Award presented to our Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) students

Lead school for the Respectful Relationships Education Program

State representation Sport

For further information, tours or scholarship information contact: Scoresby Secondary College, 9765 4100.

Student Leadership

Scoresby Secondary College is proud of the large number of students who are able to participate in the student leadership program and contribute to our school to make it what it is today. A key component of our student leadership programs is ‘student voice’. Student voice brings students and teachers together to explore ways to enhance student wellbeing and engagement with the curriculum through improvements to the school environment. At Scoresby we recognise that students are at the centre of education.

The appointment of a Principal’s Student Advisory Team and student representation on College Council is not only seen as an opportunity for authentic student voice, it is also seen as imperative for their future employment in a globally competitive workforce.

Teach the Teacher Program

Student leaders have been leading a Teach the Teacher program which has recently been launched on the VicSRC Website

The program offers another perspective to the classroom and enables students to be involved in important discussions about learning and teaching.

By providing the space to create positive change in school communities, students and teachers are engaged in conversations and can work together towards solutions.

The introduction of the Teach the Teacher Program highlights that Scoresby recognises that students have a unique perspective. They are the ones sitting in the classroom every day and have ideas about what works and ways to improve teaching and learning, to make education even better.

The program which was introduced last year has supported the development of stronger and more effective student-teacher relationships and is leading to high quality practice evidenced by the improvements in teaching and learning processes. This is accompanied by improved student outcomes.