Lara Secondary College

New Principal of Lara Secondary College Mr. Wayne Terrill is certainly making a positive difference to the academic culture at Lara Secondary College.
Mr. Terrill was appointed to Lara Secondary College in Term 2 2018 as an Executive Principal and has been given the responsibility to improve student academic achievement over the next 5 years.
Mr. Terrill achieved high levels of success at his previous school (Hoppers Crossing Secondary College), raising the Year 12 Median VCE Study Score from 22 in 2006 to 28 in 2017 and improving Year 7 – 9 learning growth in Reading and Numeracy to be above state benchmarks.
Since Mr. Terrill was appointed as Principal of Lara Secondary College he has consulted widely with the students, staff and parents connected with the College, to gain an understanding of the overall perception of the College in the community. “I have been extremely pleased with the level of enthusiasm that exits amongst the staff, students and parents in relation to improving student academic results at Lara Secondary College” Mr. Terrill said. “We have made some significant positive changes at the school within a very short period of time and we are now seeing some major benefits developing within the teaching and learning process across Years 7 – 12.”
As a result of the new initiatives that Mr. Terrill has been able to implement in consultation with all staff, the Year 12 Study scores have improved from 2017and the school obtained some really significant learning gains in Reading and Numeracy within the cohort of Year 7 – 9 students. The strong academic culture being developed at the school, focuses on active learning in the classroom and this has really made a big difference to the beliefs of all students and their future success at school, but more importantly, in their future lives.
Mr. Terrill believes that all students can learn regardless of their personal background and with consistent effort and a strong focus on learning growth rather than achievement, he believes all students will achieve academic success.
Mr. Terrill encourages any parent interested in visiting the College to contact him on 5282 8988 or sign up on our website for a personal tour.