MacKillop College

With our 50 Year Anniversary celebration on the horizon, we feel privileged to have an opportunity to take stock, and invite you to do so along with us.
We listen for the stories
The history of our College, within and without, has been profound. With its namesake, the College finds its beginnings in Mary MacKillop, who looked to enrich with education, the lives of those whom would not otherwise be able to learn.
We grow as one
From the smattering of students in 1970, we now stand as a coeducational secondary college of more than 1600. As our numbers grow, so, too, do our understanding, our knowledge and our possibilities. We strive to give our students ever more opportunities to learn, exploring and delivering more ways in which to experience their education. These include everything from area specific fairs, excursions, projects and international travel. We place a distinct emphasis on students being able to immerse themselves in other cultures and ideas so they can excel in a world that is ever-evolving.
This year’s theme is Many Journeys … One community and, though we embrace it as a theme for one year only, the ideal is fast becoming foundational. We have students, parents/guardians and staff working together to strengthen and maintain a culture of inclusivity.
We have faith
Regardless of the background or belief system an individual at our College relies on, we believe in each other and each other’s right to believe. The College strives to follow in the footsteps of Mary MacKillop and the Josephite tradition, and this is commemorated during mass and prayer, and with music and art. We stand for Saint Mary’s words, ‘Love one another and help one another’, so any individual’s faith is supported and given opportunity to grow.
We find strength in diversity
As we look to the future, we acknowledge that a student’s right to choose their path is integral to every school society. We offer as many subjects as possible within state of the art facilities so as to encourage diversity in interest, learning, thought, personality and expression, which in turn allows us the privilege of seeing our students succeed in everything from skeet shooting, to basketball, to dance and music. We’ve seen students overcome immense personal challenges as well as performing exceptionally academically, and we’ve been able to support our students as they stand up for the environment, equity and each other.
Celebrating all life • Challenging all people • Dreaming the new day
We are a College and we are a community. If you would like to see this community and how it flourishes, come to our Open Day on Tuesday 2 November 2019. Tours begin at 2pm, with the last one starting at 5:15pm.
MacKillop College, Russell Street, Werribee
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