OC Connections

FOR most of us having a job means enjoying an income and the freedom to choose how we live, work and spend our leisure time.
OC Connections is committed to providing important opportunities to people of all abilities to choose from a variety of employment options including supported working environments, community-based enterprises and skills training.
OC Connection offer a strong network of support that enables people to receive tailored education and training to ensure that they achieve their specific goals and aspirations. The vision is to enable people to live how they choose, in a society that values individuals for who they are, respects their rights and encourages their participation in everyday life. OC Connections takes a holistic approach to supporting people in achieving their goals.
OC Connections Enterprises (OCCE)
OCCE is OC Connections’ employment division operating a variety of training and employment programs that are meaningful, varied and challenging and aim to maximise each person’s potential. Participants benefit from supported employment opportunities that are designed to build skills and to assist participant’s transition to community based and open employment options.
Job Sampling and Work Experience
OCCE job sampling work experience program is open to students referred through TAFE, Special Development Schools, other agencies including Disability Employment Services and family members. Job sampling introduces students to a structured workday, teaches them about work ethic and social interaction and gives a taste of working within a supported environment.
Work Trials
Potential participants complete a one day trial as part of the recruitment process. During the trial, participants have the opportunity to try different tasks; get to know the other employees and better understand their goals and interests. Participants are then able to make more informed choices about training and employment opportunities.
Skills training is tailored to an individual’s abilities. Progress is monitored on a regular and ongoing basis to record achievements and identify opportunities for the future.
Supported employment in the community and pathway to Open Employment
OC Connections offers community based supported employment initiatives. One initiative is the commercial car washing service where participants contribute to managing and growing the small business enterprise to provide opportunities across South East Melbourne.
The organisation is also contracted to provide administrative support services in the community through initiatives such as the Department of Defence Administration Program. Here, individuals have the opportunity to choose a range of office-based tasks such as filing, photocopying and general administration work and gain valuable skills training in a completely integrated setting. This has proven to be a great success for both the team members involved and the members of the Defence Force working with them.
For more information please visit www.OCConnections.org or contact us at admin@OCConnections.org or call 03 9569 0603