Celebrating life and hope

Catholic education’s faith-based values have much to offer students, as they are challenged to take action for a better world and a more
just society.
Catholic schools are places where life and faith are celebrated. Director of Catholic Identity, Paul Sharkey, says: ‘We have named our vision of education “Horizons of Hope” because we believe that one of the greatest gifts that can be given to a young person is the gift of hope.
‘Students need to feel a sense of belonging, purpose and connectedness in their lives’, Paul continues, ‘particularly in the face of the many challenges of our diverse, complex and ever-changing modern world.
‘Our students are encouraged to embrace a view of themselves and the world that provides them with a sense of hope and purpose in their lives. It adds to their resilience and capacity to make a difference.’
Denise Hussey, Principal of St Michael’s School in North Melbourne says, ‘The child is at the centre of all that we do. We don’t just focus on their cognitive needs, but also their spiritual, physical, social and emotional development. It’s all about the relationships we develop with all those who are part of our community.’
Catholic education seeks to equip students with the tools to shape a greater understanding of themselves and their world, and to take action and leadership positions in the establishment of a better society.
Melbourne’s Catholic schools welcome all families who seek a Catholic education for their child, confident that what we are offering
not only sets our students on a path toward lifelong success and fulfilment, but gives them the skills and confidence to inspire others to build a better world.
Elizabeth Hanney, Principal of Ave Maria College in Aberfeldie, lives this every day.
‘Catholic educators know that students are at the heart of all our endeavours’, she says.
‘Catholic schools are places of hope and generosity, of forgiveness and newness, of excellence and inspiration.’